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Peak Bandwidth Technologies (PBT) is a systems integration and development firm providing a range of digital value added services and electronic productivity management solutions to enterprises with large workforces, such as private security, extraction, manufacturing, professional cleaning and more.
  • Safety

    Personnel and Asset location tracking in potentially hazardous environments is crucial to ensure worker safety and avoid enterprise liability. PBT provides solutions that assist in evacuation situations often calling for the immediate accounting of personnel and valuable assets.

  • Security

    Eliminate security guard sleeping and improve security supervision with PBT's custom monitoring and patrol solutions. Enhance your enterprise response protocol using PBT's automated alert and notification platform supporting a host of enterprise systems and mobile devices.

  • Productivity

    Integrated directly into your existing employee management solution or through PBT's custom cloud solutions, your business will be able to monitor who is working and who is not, at all times.


  • Automated Time and Attendance

    PBT's automated T&A service automatically collects and processes all attendance data allowing your business to record and access entry and departure information accurately and in real-time. Management cost is reduced by autonomously enforcing pay and work rules - consistently and accurately - across the organization.

  • Remote Site Supervision

    With minimal equipment installation, PBT allows your organization to extend its supervision monitoring to off-site locations giving management full visibility into worker activities in the field. This is ideal for enterprises providing labour services at remote client premises.

  • Inventory Management

    Inventory Management PBT's Passive RFID based solution for warehouse management gives your enterprise control and visibility into activities on the warehouse floor. Pallet-level or item-level tags can be used to suit the specific tracking and item identification needs of your business.

  • Personnel and Asset Tracking

    Active RFID tags or GPS enabled devices are conveniently carried by workers or attached to assets. PBT cost effectively integrates this technology into your corporate infrastructure enabling efficient monitoring and management of personnel, vehicles and other assets on the go..

  • Systems Integration, Automation and Remote Accessibility

    PBT offers custom integration and automation services to improve your operational efficiency while decreasing the management cost and human error often found in manual systems. With PBT's corporate remote accessiblity platform, your mobile workforce will also be able to access corporate resources securely on the go.

  • Mobile value Added Services

    PBT will offers mobile VAS and custom application development via Android, J2ME, USSD and SMS to a wide range of industries requiring rapid return on investment and mobile accessibility. Our suite of mobile services include out-of-territory airtime topup, mobile micro-loan disbursement and more.

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